Obeida Zaza and Lalla Naya Sulaiman ranked the Republic Cup in Table Tennis for the Cubs and Gables held in Al Assad Sports City with 112 players.

In the category of Cubs, which participated 64 players, Obeida Zaza finished first place, followed by Abdullah Ajaj and then Abdul Razak Halaq, Mohammed Salem Zaza, Mohammed Qabas, Mohammad Tarabin, Abdul Ilah Sheikh Taha and Ibrahim Sheikh Taha.

In the category of dives, which participated in the 48 players won Naya Solomon first place followed by Sham Ajib and then Hala Ali and Lana Sheikh Yassin and Natalie Zidane and Abeer Znob and Anna Kurdish and Dala Assad.

The president of the game union Nadir Arabi said that the tournament witnessed a wide participation not seen in the championships of the Republic five years ago, which made the competitions strong and reflected positively on the technical level of the championship.

A number of trainers pointed out that the tournament was a successful technical and organizational and arbitration and produced a group of raw materials and talents of the category of promising and promising and proved their presence and were ranked among the top eight in the Republic.

Translated from Tishreen News

Zaza and Sulaiman lead the Republic Cup in table tennis

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