On your birthday .. Every year you are fine

Creativity – social – depends on logic in his dealings and talk with people – his ideas convincing

Pregnancy: 21 / 3-20 / 4

Professionally: Participate in meetings and show sincere interest and genuine intentions and do not fear competition. Emotionally: Do not leave differences between you and the partner and work to bring the distance between you.

Taurus: 21 / 4-21 / 5

Professionally: Stress exists and does not contribute to reassuring you and you do not find time to rest. Emotionally: You must get rid of the black ideas that drive you to escape or get away from your beloved.

Gemini: 22 / 5-22 / 6

Professionally: You take some criticism but are actually directed to some colleagues to accomplish what is required of them. Emotionally: Do not be hesitant about caring for your partner.

Cancer: 23 / 6-23 / 7

Professionally: You may have passed a training period that results in some results and this is clear from today. Emotionally: Emotional glare subsides and you become overwhelmed with yourself and face some problems.

The Lion: 24 / 7-23 / 8

Professionally: There are some sudden and radical changes in your work that put you in front of some problems. Emotionally: a passionate emotional encounter but cautious exaggeration and pursue some relationships that do not benefit you.

The Virgin: 24 / 8-23 / 9

Professionally: You are subject to injustice and you may lose a project for your weakness. Emotionally: Your constant endeavor to develop an emotional relationship has a positive and welcome point from the partner.

Balance: 24 / 9-23 / 10

Professionally: Reap the success of this day and perhaps reap profits, increase self-confidence and make great progress. Emotionally, emotions are renewed, bonds are strengthened, your partner’s confidence is restored and your love grows.

Scorpio: 24 / 10-22 / 11

Professionally: Dialogue is the best way to reach the right decisions that benefit you. Emotionally, your partner will convince you of his or her point of view and spend more time with them.

Sagittarius: 11-23 December

Professionally: you are engaged in an adventure that compensates for what you have missed, especially within you, a force that can not be stopped. Emotionally: Do not engage yourself in a disagreement with your partner for a non-serious reason.

Capricorn: 23 / 12-19 / 1

Professionally: Unexpected happens. Be careful and keep in mind until things get quite right. Emotionally, the glare subsides and the atmosphere becomes less interesting and better to find the right person.

Aquarius: 20 / 1-19 / 2

Professionally: feel embarrassed and lose your temper if you are not organized you should put an end to it. Emotionally: You are waiting for joy and great happiness and appreciate the capacity of the partner to give.

Pisces: 20 / 2-20 / 3

Professionally: Wide prospects, diverse prospects and coordination relieve you of anxiety and correct some situations. Emotionally: There are serious results that affect the relationship with the partner and cause you to get rid of you and you will be aware of it.

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