March will not be for us except that March, which is like us. The Syrians today – eight years after the terrorist war on their country – are more insistent on March like them .. March achieved 48 years of stability and security before the coalition came The aggressive colonial West to turn the March of the Syrians into years of blood and destruction, deliberately to be the title of a counter-revolution, falsely and falsely dressed as a “freedom and democracy”. If it is a garment of fire they want to turn Syria into ashes that bury its stability and security “We focus on stability and security, because the Syrians are the most they missed Stability and security, and most eager to return to it is the state of security and stability, and consolidate it is not disturbed by any conspiracy or war, even if the whole world behind.
We will continue to celebrate the Revolution of March 8, and will remain a glorious revolution in our history, present and future. For us, March will be only the Eighth Revolution, not the revolution of the agents, the traitors and the conspirators.
All the peoples of the world celebrates and celebrates their historic stations that have established their stability and their entities as major strong countries, strong internally and externally, and all the peoples of the world struggling for history to record in the most beautiful pages .. That is to have an honorable history of a nation with events and revolutions and personalities and achievements, etc., .. or why we are asked to forget our history – old and modern – and from the bright enough to be proud and proud .. Why not celebrate the revolution of the eighth of March glorious just because some – known for his hatred and his work – to say what is not .. Why we have to We believe these hieroglyphs and recognize them without debate and argument, and me We have to believe what we have lived through in 48 years (ie until 2011) of stability and security. Whatever and even if we believe these transitions, how can a reasonable person compare, or can compare, or allow himself a comparison between those 48 years And between the last 8 years.
We are not, and no one is against the revolutions, “and not necessarily be a war.” Revolutions embrace, colonize and fortify from within to regional and international levels. This was the revolution of the 8th of March. Stability and security of the citizen. The Arab unity was obsessed with it, which was mainly in response to the secession of unity with Egypt, to lead more than a unified attempt was not successful by the plots that have increased and widened by the same enemies who target Syria and the nation era after era.
They were afraid of the Syrian-Egyptian unity, and they were terrified of being the first nucleus of a single unified nation. If it had indeed been achieved, the Arab nation would have had a great thing. The unity was afraid of them, and Syria’s independence was only less than two decades away. Syria is able to achieve this in this short time, it must be a reason for fear of the enemies and to start their movement towards the formation of alliances and blocs besieging Syria specifically and strike every unitary effort .. If Syria in this short time has achieved a strong internal revolution and solid and solid, The revolution of the eighth of March, how would it be if it continued on the approach The same is true of the Arab Spring, which has not yet ended its disasters, but it is not the same as the Arab Spring. Today Syria is living its last chapter.
Why should we not celebrate the revolution of March 8 which is:
1 – Achieved the independent national decision, and established the pillars of a strong, prosperous state, no matter who led or leads the state, and then why we care about some of the leads .. Why they want to impose that we care about this part and live prisoners and ignore what actually happened on the ground.
2 – organized political life «and partisan» and broke the series of coups and unrest that sank Syria for years after independence .. All were a cover for conspiracies of the colonial West to block the independence of Syria and prevent them from the advancement and building a modern state .. Again why we have to take care of some of the leads, To history and read and testify that the greatest stability in the powerful state «and empires» by a person or party or movement, and the most intense and firm, to ensure the building of solid foundations of the nucleus of the state, and be aweful and the doorstep and blocking the outside customers at home. No one – no one – cared It is easy to say that access to power in a fractional country – the center of political and militant action in the region – is easy. Those who said that it was permissible then from the circles of the colonial West and the “Arab reactionary” “To reach power in Syria is a revolutionary and unitary revolutionary leadership, which is the most powerful party in the equation of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the conflict over the region as a whole.
3 – united the army on the basis of the homeland first, and not the religious or sectarian or regional affiliation as was intended and works for him, and was the starting point for the army to be a national Arab doctrine was supportive of every unitary movement and every battle of liberation, but was at the forefront of each battle, In 1973, the state focused on building a strong army equipped with the latest weapons and trained at the highest level to meet the challenges. And protecting the homeland and its people.
4 – she won the citizen hard work, after having removed from his family the nightmare of feudalism and control of capital, Vdnt the right to live in dignity away from the exploitation of the class that prevailed .. He achieved social justice in work and ownership, education and medicine .. Even in food through the support of basic food commodities , Which reflected the internal cohesion and circumscription of the state and a greater belief in the principles of the revolution of the eighth of March and its objectives and work towards achieving .. That the revolution of the eighth of March established the sovereignty of the state in favor of the sovereignty of the citizen «to be a beloved master in his homeland».
5 – The development process has risen at its influential levels, and achieved stability in the standard of living of citizens despite the siege imposed by the hostile countries, which wanted to besiege the Syrians poverty and destitution, and make them weak begging donations of international institutions led by the West colonial.
6 – Confronted the arms of the colonial powers in Syria, represented by foreign oil companies, when in October 1964 nationalization of all oil resources and internal resources, and this step was strengthened by the issuance of a law prohibiting the granting of concessions to any foreign company «because of the necessities of that stage in the struggle against all forms of colonialism Hadith.
7 – was able to develop itself and protect its achievements through the ability to renew in the event of injury to the process of imbalance or shortcoming, and this is what happened when the corrective movement in 1970 to be a “revolution” settled with the compass of the eighth of March again after the enemies tried to character.
8 – was derived from the leading role of the Syrian people, which has always been a pioneer .. It was a cumulative move from the state of emotion events to the state of action and influence, especially in the Arab nationalist orientation.
9 – was able to achieve the most important Arab polarization on Syria was the banner of «one Arab nation .. with an eternal message» the banner of the majority of Arabs from the ocean to the Gulf .. So the revolution of the eighth of March event was limited only to build a Syrian national project, To be a solid base for one Arab national project.
10. Syria has chosen the path of steadfastness and confrontation in order to guarantee the freedom and dignity of its people, and for Syria to become a guiding force to defend the nation and restore its usurped rights. They wanted to overthrow and destroy Syria and weaken its Arab role, believing that it was the first supporter of the Arab nationalist project. March 8 approach is a fortified fortress of national and national constants.
For all that, and many more .. Yes, we will continue to celebrate the revolution of the eighth of March.

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Yes, we will continue to celebrate

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