In an important step to end US participation in the unjust war on Yemen, Congress voted on a resolution calling on President Donald Trump to stop military support for the Saudi “aggression” alliance against the Yemeni people in a rare historical precedent that challenges the US president, And is a decisive blow to Trump’s policy towards the Saudi regime. Will Congress’s efforts succeed in enforcing the resolution and stopping US military operations or will it clash again with the White House opposition?
The new American resolution, passed by the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats, by a vote of 274 votes in favor of the resolution against 175, after approval by the Senate, the majority of the Republic on the text of the resolution earlier and adopted by the bill, and with the approval of the «House» will be sent to the White House for approval However, if the decision itself is a challenge to Tramb and a severe blow to his policy with Bani Saud, will he again refuse it or will he agree to take his way to implementation?
The resolution demands that Trump stop any support provided by Washington to the “coalition” of the Saudi aggression, withdrawing troops and ending American participation in any military operations carried out by the “coalition” of aggression or affecting it in Yemen, especially that the United States supports the unjust war that entered its fifth year Its aggression against the Yemeni people, who suffer the worst humanitarian disaster throughout history with the refueling of aircraft in the air, the collection of information and air targeting, which caused tens of thousands of innocent victims and hundreds of massacres and the destruction of health centers, education and service and other structures The backbone of the lives of millions of Yemenis !.
It was not the first time that a US draft resolution on suspension of US support for the Saudi aggression was submitted. The same draft was submitted last December to the Senate sub-committees for approval, but the project was not approved at the time for not passing it from the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives voted in favor of the resolution last February, amid speculation that Trump would use veto power to veto the decision. In any event, the US Congress’s decision would reject or approve. Will it be a really important step and provide something tangible to Yemenis in reality or will it be a show step no more ?! Let’s wait and watch.

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Yemen .. US decision between rejection and approval!

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