“Yemen is the world’s greatest humanitarian tragedy – children are deprived of their future” This phrase tells you if you visit Yemen’s page on UNICEF’s website. The website tells you that 360,000 Yemeni children under five are severely malnourished and in need of health care. It needs about $ 536 million to continue to provide the same (insufficient) level of care.
Save the Children reports that 85,000 Yemeni children under the age of five died from malnutrition from the beginning of the war on Yemen until October 2018.According to Save the Children, 20-30% of malnourished children They will die, of course. These figures do not include deaths in remote areas not reached by international organizations, nor children killed by hostilities.
The country is approaching the worst famine in more than 100 years, according to the coordinator of humanitarian organizations in Yemen. “We thought that the time of massive famine is over and become part of history, but what we see today in Yemen proves that we were wrong,” she said in an interview with the BBC. “We have to be ashamed and wake up every morning to blame.” Ourselves and wonder how to help these victims.
When a plane bombs a market in Saada, Hodeidah, or Sanaa, is it enough for the Arabs to be ashamed, while their children are killed by some, under the gaze and silence of others, or do they have to “feel shame?”, We mean the majority, not everyone.
In Palestine and its neighborhood, there is a process of “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians and their identity. Resettlement projects started as a clause of the “deal of the century”, which seeks to resettle the rest of them in the vicinity of Palestine in the countries to which they sought refuge, while inside Palestine, in addition to the occupation in the West Bank, the blockade and blocking the horizon In Gaza, the plan was evident Palestinians returned ugliest forms over the past year, from the recognition of Jerusalem as «the eternal capital of Israel» and even the demolition of houses in Sur Baher, which is the largest mass demolition of Palestinian homes since 1948.
An article in a Lebanese newspaper talking about 700 Palestinian refugees demonstrating in front of the Canadian embassy demanding asylum, and about preparing for another sit-in in front of the Australian embassy, ​​another article in an Egyptian newspaper talking about depriving Palestinian refugees of education and medical services, and refusing to consider them as refugees. Massir »gathered from his headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey, that the United Nations is required to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Palestinians of Syria, and transfer them to more secure and stable countries, on the other side voices calling for the naturalization of Palestinians from Jordan Abroad in front of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
All of this is taking place at a time when UNRWA is being accused of corruption and investigations, in preparation for reducing its role to be liquidated later, and, by chance, humanitarian efforts in Yemen are subjected to the same accusations and investigations. The solution as seen by the West and some Arabs is to increase the share of Palestinians in refugee admission programs in Canada, Australia and Europe, and talk about 250 thousand refugees in ten years, while the tragedy of Yemen remains in the corner of the Arab and international oblivion, wrapped with slogans «protect legitimacy», «prevent Iranian penetration ». In Palestine and Yemen hunger is a weapon, after the war failed.
We can write day and night about the complicity of Arab regimes in the tragedies of our nation, and prepare and obtain documents, but the questions remain the same; what is the benefit of proving the hard, whichever is more persuasive, a document in the archives of a country, or the planes we see bombing Yemen, or the camps that fill The Arab scene? Perhaps the most serious question is where the Arab people?
Does it make sense for UNRWA to be threatened with bankruptcy due to a budget deficit of up to $ 200 million in an Arab homeland of more than 300 million citizens who speak of supporting Palestine and its people?
How do Yemen’s children die of famine in a nation that spends more than $ 2 billion in carcasses in a day?
Where are the believers, going to the pilgrimage from the hadith «What believe me from Bat Shebaan and his neighbor hungry to his side he knows» .. What about if this neighbor on the brink of starvation?
We are people infected with «innocence» We put all our flaws and frustrations on the shoulders of governments (and most of them are not innocent), we master the talk and tortured him, but we do not master the action even at least, and we have been afflicted with the “Zionist” spring another disease, “national” disease in the Qatari sense Tight, we stood by the spectator position on the destruction of Iraq and its occupation, the destruction of Libya, the war on Syria, the massacre in Yemen, and conspiracy against Palestine, formerly and later, and became the slogan of this so-called “patriotism” «God, myself».
I am not neutral when talking about Syria. I am totally biased towards a Syrian leadership, army and a steadfast people. A media that provides the Arabs with a flag, a living or a job. As we are required to represent the Syrian model of steadfastness and victory, we must represent the same model in working for the causes of the nation. Associations and forums working to support humanitarian efforts in Yemen, create jobs in Palestine, or pressure governments to change their position on issues such as the issue of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, or the participation of some governments in the Saudi coalition in Yemen.
The logic of history says that Palestine will win, Syria will win, and Yemen will win. But the shame of silence will haunt the history of a generation for the most part.

* Writer from Jordan

Translated from Tishreen News

Yemen and Palestine – Tishreen Newspaper

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