The plague of the century – terrorism – has spread throughout the world and has come out of Western control, financed and supported, for geopolitical and economic purposes. The world is facing the scourge of the era, which is not only trans-tectonic ideological terrorism, but also anti-racist terrorism The phobia of others, however different this is by religion, race or other territory.
The spread of terrorism in the first two cases is due to the fact that it found those who employ and defend it and fall under the criteria of “freedom and human rights.” This is a clear and blatant duplication of the real ethical standards. Its actions are justified in terms of democracy and freedom of expression, Targeting countries that do not comply with Western ambitions, and the second – racist – came as a result of marginalization against the former – before who defended his terrorism but in other countries – in the Western media for domestic political ends.
The terrorist attack on mosques in New Zealand is not an orphan, and not the latter in the context of counter-racist terrorism. It is the result of Islamophobia, which the West has created politically and informally – Islamophobia – and its stigmatization of Islam as “terrorism.” The immediate objectives of Western politics and conflict between parties, From East to West, and its “dangers to change the white West” demographic, with the aim of political gains, which led to the loss of the true standards of humanity in the basic layers of societies, which were blinded by ideological hatred towards others.
Racism spreading in the West is the responsibility of Western governments, whether by supporting terrorism in the East or by the continued mobilization of their societies against asylum and migration.
New Zealand’s crime proves that terrorism and hatred have no religion, but are the result of Western policies aimed at controlling the human mind of its societies primarily through the illusion that it is targeted by terrorism and that it must defend itself to guide its movement and others who believe that they are always under indictment and must rid themselves of terrorism , And this is what draws the governments of countries to provide what the West demands.
When the West defends hatred, what happened yesterday in New Zealand, as an inevitable consequence of Western extremism in its media infusion against the East and its extremism in plundering the wealth of peoples, has a clear responsibility for the globalization of terrorism.

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When hate is encouraged

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