The farmers of Quneitra were surprised this season by the delay in germination of the wheat seeds that were extracted by the farmers from the Agricultural Cooperative Bank in Quneitra (Duma 1) in the spring of Sakhr, Ein al-Basha, al-Marba’a, and Koma al-Basha and the surrounding area in the central sector.
Director of Agriculture Quneitra Engineer Shaman Friday in his speech to «Tishreen» denied the validity of the sinking of wheat seeds in the province, and stressed that this type of seed must be a 5 cm depth of cultivation and do not tolerate deep farming because the land area deep and fertile, and explained Friday after the sensory detection on The land affected by the agricultural technicians in the Directorate of Agriculture and the testing on a certain area of ​​the affected site, it was found that there is excellent germination of the wheat crop in the case of cultivation of the land in the amount of 30 kg of seed per hectare and this was not practiced by the farmers of Quneitra, In the quantity of cultivated seed Which is a small amount, and pointed out Friday that the farmer is actually subscribed and the seed farmer from the Agricultural Bank or otherwise, not to mention not to fertilize the land for a long period during the crisis .. All these factors led to a feeling The farmer in the delay of germination, on the other hand, the Director of Agriculture of the negative environmental effects resulting from acts and practices of sabotage and terrorism on agricultural land in the region.

Translated from Tishreen News

Wheat germ delay worries the farmers of Quneitra

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