The Cold War has re-emerged more clearly after Washington opened fire again on its relations with China, this time from the Taiwan gate to move relations between the two sides to a more tense after the US administration revealed a two-billion-dollar arms deal to Taiwan, including various weapons, Which called on Washington to cancel the deal quickly.
To this moment, the new American provocation is being treated as a purely Chinese affair and a threat to the one-China principle. Beijing will not allow Washington to make the Taiwan file an irritating US tool for Beijing and occasionally move the nuisances into the fire of trade war. The list between the world’s two largest economies.
The deal has brought the Taiwan-China crisis back to the forefront of international events, in tandem with the escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing and the increasing tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on imports from China. Grab political and trade concessions.
But China has always confirmed its consistent position that Taiwan is an inseparable part of it, that Taiwan’s independence is deadlocked, and that unity with China will be achieved. China insists on its demand that all countries respect the principle of “one China” and non-interference in the Taiwan issue as an internal Chinese affair.
“China urges the United States to immediately abolish this arms sale to Taiwan and stop any military link between Taiwan and the United States,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jing Shuang said. “It is appropriate to avoid further damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability in Taiwan.” , Stressing that the sale of US arms to Taiwan is a flagrant violation of the principle of one China, and gross interference in our internal affairs undermine China’s sovereignty and security interests.
Since Trump’s arrival at the White House, US relations with Taiwan have been the most open since long. Trump is aware of the sensitivity of the Chinese issue. Hence, the focus has been on finding secession factors in Taiwan. Accordingly, the laws supporting these relations, (Taiwan Insurance Act) passed by Congress, which provides all means of Washington’s commitment to Taiwan militarily and politically. Which is rejected by China and is one of the manifestations of the Cold War, which Washington seeks to keep it.
The second is that the US plan for relations with China focuses on two aspects: internal investment of China’s internal problems and unrest to find impediments to China’s rapid economic growth; the second is to seek to form a network of US alliances with the countries of the region in order to limit Beijing’s influence on the scene International.

Translated from Tishreen News

Washington returns to the Cold War against Beijing .. Taiwan is its main destination

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