War is war, and may be adopted only as a gradient in the context of necessity, an inevitable chore. Evil remains evil, and some evil remains inferior to some, according to the pre-Islamic poet. The US wars in modern times are among the worst kinds of evil the world has ever known. It has become a place where life has been destroyed for decades, and perhaps hundreds of years, using various means, first and foremost a nuclear weapon that it did not need to accomplish its military victory On Japan at the end of World War II, but used it as a threat to the world and a war against it. The world became so targeted by the threat that made one of America’s generals during the Cold War denounce the Third World’s thinking of progress: how do they think about progress and we have atomic weapons?
What the general said so bluntly that the US administrations are now exercising it precisely. The difference lies in two issues: the first relates to a more protracted phase of annihilation, and the second relates that those targeted by genocide appear to be welcome in the political and military actions adopted by America, claiming to be a propagation of democracy and a defense of human rights. One of the manifestations of America’s arrogance in its actions against the world is its ability to make the world use the terms and phrases produced by its experts and include them in the context of the all-out war. There is no better victory than forcing the adversary to use the language of his enemy, The tools he uses to accomplish his victories. It is not only the term economic sanctions adopted by America, but the mere recognition by States exposed to US economic measures that sanctions are sanctions is a pre-recognition of America’s pre-emption. The weak states do not shy away from acknowledging their weakness. The problem lies with the great superpowers, which already acknowledge the American victory in adopting the American terminology that they impose on their actions, such as the term of sanctions, which is adopted by the strongest and the highest against the minimum. God punishes the guilty and the teacher punishes the rioters. , And pressure, and siege, and we can not call it what America calls, which gives the term a free victory.

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War of terms

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