NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Increased levels of vitamin D in the blood protect children from symptoms of asthma-related asthma, especially in children with obesity, a recent US study suggests.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine at the Journal of the Yale and Clinical Immunology studied levels of home air pollution, vitamin D levels in the blood and asthma symptoms in 120 children with asthma in Baltimore, Obesity.

After evaluating children at the start of the study and following their assessment three times over the next nine months, the researchers found that low levels of vitamin D in the blood were associated with the harmful respiratory effects of air pollution among obese children with asthma. Conversely, homes with higher levels of Air pollution High levels of vitamin D in the blood have been associated with a reduction in asthma symptoms in participating children.

Dr. Kimberly Gray said that the most important health problems of children due to air pollution were the lack of vitamin D levels, stressing that the ways to increase the levels of this vitamin in the blood is to increase exposure to the sun and take vitamin supplements or eat more foods containing a high proportion of it.

The sun is the first and safe source of vitamin D, it gives the body the need of ultraviolet radiation necessary for the production of vitamin and can compensate for the lack of eating some foods such as fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna, fish oil, liver and eggs, or take supplements of this vitamin available in pharmacies.

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Vitamin D relieves symptoms of asthma in children

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