Saudi Arabia loses $ 200 million a day in its failed invasion of Yemen, the American Thinker Center published a report yesterday saying: Saudi Arabia is about to be expelled from Yemen four years after a war in which the Kingdom financed mercenary teams at a cost of $ 200 million a day. the one.
The center added: Saudi Arabia continued its continued failure in Yemen and achieved little successes, despite the huge difference in the material potential of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
The center pointed out that Saudi Arabia financed mercenary teams, especially from African elements, and also deployed Saudi and even French forces from the Marines category on Yemeni soil with reports of secret prisons and torture teams in Yemen, adding that the Yemeni army succeeded in overcoming Saudi forces in several More importantly, he succeeded in firing several rockets at Saudi cities.
The Center confirmed in its conclusion that Saudi Arabia has failed miserably in all aspects in the aggression on Yemen.

Translated from Tishreen News

US report: Saudi Arabia loses $ 200 million a day in its aggression on Yemen and reaping a total failure

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