Syrian university students denounced the recent statements by US President Donald Trump on the occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that the occupied Golan was and will remain Syrian Arab land and the Israeli occupation is negligible.

In the province of Homs confirmed the students of the Baath University that Trump’s statements aimed at stabilizing the occupation of the Israeli entity of the occupied Golan, stressing that the Golan was and will remain Syrian Arab land and the occupation is inevitable.

In the province of Aleppo, the students of the university confirmed their rejection and condemnation of Trump’s statements which are contrary to UN resolutions and international legitimacy, which called for his return to Syria and the need to withdraw the Israeli occupation from him.

In the province of Hasakah, students of university faculties stressed that the preoccupation of the Syrian people in combating terrorism and cleansing the country of its abhorrence will not in any way detract from the march of resistance to cleanse the occupied Golan from the abomination of the Zionists.

The head of the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students Hamza al-Manouche that the students of the province express their anger and indignation of the unfair US statements that want to give legitimacy to the United States on the existence of the Zionist terrorist entity in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and these statements will not change the reality of the Arabization of the Golan and Syria.

Translated from Tishreen News

University students and institutes: the occupied Golan will remain Syrian territory

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