The General Federation of Trade Unions condemned statements made by US President Donald Trump on the occupied Syrian Golan, asserting that it proves its blind bias towards the Zionist entity and constitutes a flagrant violation of international legitimacy.

The statement pointed out that the American administration, in its arrogance, is attacking Syria’s right to restore the occupied Golan and its sovereignty over it, pointing out that these statements constitute a continuation of the blatant American involvement in the war that has been waging against the Syrian people for eight years and its expansionist ambitions and racist policies against the Syrian Golan and its steadfast people Resistors.

The Union pointed out that Trump’s statements constitute a flagrant violation of international legitimacy and United Nations resolutions, particularly UN Security Council Resolution 497 of 1981, which categorically rejects the Israeli government’s decision and its arbitrary measures regarding the Golan, and considers it null and void and has no legal effect.

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party also condemned in the strongest terms Trump’s irresponsible statements about the occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that it constitutes a grave and unprecedented violation of the principle of sovereignty and independence of states, which is enshrined in international covenants and United Nations resolutions.

The party explained in a statement that the steadfastness of the people of the occupied Syrian Golan against the occupation and their rejection of the demilitarization of their Syrian identity constituted a previous response and later on any attempts to extract their right to their Syrian land. Neither the US administration nor anyone else has any right or mandate to decide the fate of the occupied Syrian Golan or other Syrian territories .

Translated from Tishreen News

“Union of Workers” and “Social Nationalism”: Trump’s statements about the Golan are blind bias of the Zionist entity

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