With half the time of US President Donald Trump, the owner of the “Deal of the Century” project, this “deal” is still in a gray or foggy space. It is announced from time to time. The postponement was postponed until the summer of 2019. This is a question of doubt. If the leaks about this deal indicate its existence and some of its components, it represents a “Zionist-American” coalition to liquidate the Palestinian cause. It is no different from the Sykes-Picot alliance except in the directing: the latter was secret, and the deal was public.
Yes, the Zionist movement has focused on senior officials and influential figures in American life and society, including the current president Trump, who is one of the most hardliners and extremist and supporter of the Zionist entity in the history of the United States of America, is ideologically ideological excellence, fully believes in Zionist ideas and allegations, The Talmudic rituals, like any extremist Zionist rabbi, implement all that the Zionist movement demands without hesitation or procrastination.
He has isolated all those who do not condemn these extremist ideas in the White House, and replaced them with the Zionists and those who believe in Zionist thought such as Kouchner, Greenblatt, Bolton and others who defend the occupying entity more than defend itself. He also called for the continuation of his plan by launching the “Deal of the Century” to expel Jerusalem from the circle of Alata. Arab and Islamic entity and enable the occupier of isolation, and the implementation of the planned demolition of Al-Aqsa and build the alleged temple on its ruins.
Aside from delving into the details of the deal, Washington can not impose it, especially after failing to mobilize international support and rejection from the parties concerned, confirming that the deal was born dead and will not see the light, at least in the context of leaks.

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Trump «The Deal of the Century»

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