Western racist extremist groups have received widespread attention in the Western media following the attack on mosques in New Zealand amid warnings of growing right-wing threat in Western countries.
The New York Times described the groups that defend the “superiority” of the white race as “calling on the white.” She said: “It is no less extreme than organizing a terrorist” who has been involved in serious atrocities in the Middle East and bloody attacks in various countries of the world.
The newspaper said that it is possible to put a person who believes in “superiority” of the white race with terrorists “dashing” in one basket, because they are similar in conditions of origin, path, methods and extremism.
She explained that the terrorists “Daqsh” and the so-called supremacy of the white race, intersect at one point, when exploiting the troubled and angry people, who hunt victims online, to carry out terrorist operations.

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“The White Refresher”: The New Terrorists of Europe

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