Raises the number / trillion lira in banks and public banks as assets resulting from deposits and savings for clients, the appetite of businessmen and salutes their saliva in how to access these amounts and (the rooms), through lending, and the voices demanded by their representatives in the rooms Industrial and commercial investment of these funds and their use in the development and recycling of wheel and industrial facilities … I believe that the ears and ears of those concerned with these banks listen to the calls of the industrialists to expand the lending and granting loans to them with some suspicion and fear that they will get rid of the burrow of businessmen and businessmen “They are still in a state of uncertainty after the public banks have opened their coffers for them since the government of freeing the markets and trade, and they have asked them to say, ‘Hill without a loan,’ loans for investment in various sectors. The industrial loans, for example, have been removed by the Industrial Bank from the service department temporarily after failing to collect these loans and paralyzing them. The recovery rooms were not available for liquidity, and dozens of laws, procedures and exemptions did not help them. And even that many of them fled these funds outside the country, taking advantage of weak guarantees to those loans with the intention or in good faith of these banks and facilities exceeded the limits of payment of those funds and other banks, which face many difficulties in the collection of funds from borrowers.
Unfortunately, all this has happened and is happening under the item (tumble) and is still puzzled by the response to the calls of financial men and urgency in the request for loans … It is no secret that the funds and deposits in banks are private funds for depositors and payable at any moment as safe and disposed of needs brains and much Of carefully and carefully consider how to use these funds, because the dirham of money needs a quintessence of mind.

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The saliva of the money men .. !!

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