Electricity has returned to Venezuela after three days of disruption due to two sabotage attacks on the electricity network also caused the interruption of the subway, communications and the Internet.

Venezuela’s electricity company Tulsor reported that data from the Venezuelan Electricity Corporation showed gradual electricity recovery throughout the country, with Miranda regaining 20 percent of its electricity and Caracas 40 percent, Enzoategui 25 percent and Guarico 15 percent and Barinas 10 percent. Electricity is no longer in the states of Aragua, Karabubu and Yarakwi in the north of the country.

A deliberate sabotage last Thursday led to total power outages in 21 out of Venezuela’s 23 states as well as the capital, Caracas.

The Venezuelan government confirmed earlier in the day that Venezuela is facing the strongest attack of imperialism after a second sabotage attack on the electricity network, which destroyed all efforts to restore 70 percent of the electricity, saying that the cutting of electricity nationwide caused by the factions supported by the Abroad in an attempt to destabilize the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

President Maduro confirmed that the United States is responsible for power cuts in some areas of Venezuela, adding that an electronic attack on the system of automatic control of the hydroelectric power station, which required the closure of the temporary disruption of power supplies.

Translated from Tishreen News

The return of electricity to Venezuela after a three-day break

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