A new batch of Syrian refugees returning from the refugee camps in Jordanian territory arrived at the Jassib border crossing on their way to their villages and towns liberated from terrorism.

The main authorities in Daraa have ensured the main services to ensure that they return to their towns and villages with buses and trucks to transport them with their belongings.

In a statement to the head of the Immigration and Passports Center at the Naseeb crossing, Colonel Mazen Ghandour said that the concerned authorities have provided all means to get the returnees to the nearest area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir cities and villages. The mechanisms also provided for carrying the baggage and completing all transit procedures from passports and pass tickets as soon as possible. The opening of the crossing to date under traffic tickets amounted to sixteen thousand and 40 people.

For their part, the returnees expressed their satisfaction at returning to the homeland after the Syrian Arab Army restored security and stability to the areas they had been displaced by the terrorist organizations’ practices. Ahmed Dheifallah, who returned to his hometown of Tbil, said that he spent 8 bitter years in the fifth village of Al-Azraq Amidst a state of humiliation and injustice and lack of all the elements of life, including employment opportunities, calling on the displaced to return to the homeland after the establishment of security by the Syrian Arab army boss.

Noureddine, who is returning to the western town of Gharya in rural Daraa, pointed out to the great tournaments offered by the Syrian Arab Army, stressing that resorting to humiliation and called for the displaced to return quickly to the land of the homeland.

The child, Khamis al-Sha’ban, said that he would return to his homeland today, Syria, and return immediately to school, which was referred to by the child Omar Badawi in the fifth grade.

Fida al-Shablaq returns to the city of Daraa. She confirmed that she was waiting for a moment to return.

Omar al-Tarshan returns to the sight of the silk and Abdul Latif Badawi to enter the countryside Daraa drew attention to the comfort felt by the arrival immediately after the arrival of homeland security and stability country valuers of the Syrian Arab Army championships.

On the thirteenth of this month, a number of Syrian families displaced by terrorism came from the refugee camps in Jordanian territory to Syria through the Nisib crossing to their villages and towns liberated by the army from terrorism.

Translated from Tishreen News

The return of a new batch of displaced persons to their areas through the Nisif border crossing

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