The basketball championship concluded three times three economic events organized by the Business Youth Committee in the Aleppo Chamber of Industry in cooperation with the Basketball Federation and the Sports Union branch in Aleppo on the ground of the seminar of Al-Shahba.

12 teams representing industrial establishments and economic events participated in the competition. Aleppo Chamber of Industry team in fourth place.

The President of Aleppo Chamber of Industry Eng. Fares Al-Shihabi said that this tournament is an initiative of Aleppo Chamber of Industry and the Youth Business Committee to restore the normal life of the city, which is our message in which we face terrorism. Sport is an important activity not less than work and production, pointing out that this competition will be held annually .

For his part, member of the Basketball Association Jamal Turk that the General Sports Federation is a partner with all economic events, explaining that this competition was registered in the International Federation of the game.

Hossam El Din Shishman, Chairman of the Youth Business Committee, pointed out that the aim of this tournament is to strengthen the relations between the events, which is to confirm that Aleppo is alive and it was a social sporting carnival event embodied the meanings of love.

A number of participating players pointed out that the tournament, in addition to being a social and sporting event, was an opportunity for friction and increased skills, especially as it is the first time such a competition has been held in almost a decade.

Translated from Tishreen News

The conclusion of the basketball championship for economic activities in Aleppo

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