The Italian Football Federation is considering first-class matches in China when it meets officials from the Asian country to see all details of the project before making the final decision.

A source close to the Italian federation said in a press statement that officials from the federation and the league would meet in Italy with officials including China’s media chief Chen Haishong in the negotiations on the sidelines of President Xi Jinping’s current visit to Rome.

The meeting is expected to witness the signing of a letter of intent on future cooperation between the two parties, including supplying the Chinese media group with multimedia content, and the Chinese ball with experience.

In a related context, another source said that it is possible to discuss the possibility of a match in the first division in China, while the Federation or the Association did not immediately respond to official requests for comment.

The idea of ​​an Italian league match in China does not seem to be immediately enforceable if the move is agreed upon. First, it needs the approval of the Asian and European Football Confederation and FIFA.

The Spanish league, announced last year to host a match between the two sides of the city of Catalonia Barcelona and Girona in the city of Miami, but the Spanish Federation opposed the idea, before pulling Barca, who supported the idea initially support for it after.

In late December, the Copa Libertadores were handed back to Madrid by the Confederation of South America, after the crowd ripped out of the stadium in Buenos Aires, which resulted in the cancellation of the return leg in the capital. .

Italy usually host the Super Cup, the match between the Calzio and the winner of the Cup, abroad. Saudi Arabia hosted the latest version in January, which saw Juventus win the title at the expense of AC Milan.

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