The participants in the Arab Quality Industry Conference held in Al-Swaida today stressed the importance of spreading the science and culture of quality to the services provided by the health sector and the necessity of raising its efficiency in order to improve and improve performance in this sector.

The participants in the conference held in the tourist hotel under the title of “International standards for quality assurance and accreditation of health and medical services, inspection and auditing based on quality in health facilities and the manufacture and circulation of medicine according to the organizations of ISO and ESCWA” to the importance of transition from performance to quality performance in the health sector.

The Deputy Director-General of Arab Quality Makers, Adib Al-Astha, said in a speech that the conference is the first of its kind in Syria and comes within the framework of cooperation to consolidate the principles of quality and apply them and follow their standards in the health sector, thus contributing to localization of this knowledge and its reflection on the national economy and rationalization of spending, .

The Governor of Swaida Amer Al-Ashi pointed to the importance of the conference because it deals with a sector that the state takes all interest in and provides its services free of charge and seeks to raise quality to provide optimal health service for citizens.

The two-day conference aims to dedicate concepts and information on the quality of health services by identifying their applications and standards in the health sector in accordance with international standards and includes topics and lectures on this aspect.

The conference is attended by 370 workers in the health, medical and pharmaceutical services, clinics, public and private hospitals, health food manufacturers, health care suppliers, pharmaceuticals, factory agents, medical students, pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists.

The opening of the conference was attended by the Secretary of the Swaida branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party, the head of the governorate council, the police chief and those interested.

Translated from Tishreen News

The Arab Quality Industry Conference in Sweida focuses on spreading the quality of health services

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