Syria and Russia stressed the need to put an end to the detention of thousands of displaced Syrians in the camp and to close this file permanently by allowing the detainees to leave the camp and return to their areas liberated by the Syrian Arab army from terrorism.

The heads of the Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies on the return of the Syrian refugees said in a joint statement today that the United Nations and the United States of America should agree on the need to evacuate the displaced from the camp of Rikban near the Al-Tanf area occupied by US forces in Syria.

“We look forward to a quick review by the United Nations and the United States of their position regarding the need for the Al-Rikban camp,” the statement said, noting that displaced people in the camp are in a very critical situation, suffering from severe shortages of food, clothing and medicine.

The statement stressed the need to take urgent measures to save the detainees by evacuating them to their homes, pointing out that the Syrian government has prepared all the necessary for this and left only good intentions from the American side, which completely controls the situation in the Altnif.

Translated from Tishreen News

Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies: Washington must end the detention of civilians in al-Rikban camp

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