The Czech journalist specializing in the Middle East, Teresa Spintsirova, confirmed that the branches of al-Qaeda in Syria, which is now spreading in Idlib, have grown and expanded with support from the West, the Gulf regimes and the Turkish regime.

“Turkey has sponsored several groups and terrorist organizations in Syria,” Spintsirova said in a weekly interview. “Turkey has not honored its commitments made in the Astana talks. Therefore, the terrorist groups in Idlib are still violating the agreement to reduce the escalation.

Spintsirova pointed out that most of the terrorists still in Idlib are foreign nationalities, stressing that it is not possible to distinguish between al-Qaeda and the terrorists.

The Czech journalist confirmed that the United States justifies its illegal presence inside the Syrian territory under the pretext of fighting the “terrorist” in eastern Syria.

Translated from Tishreen News

Spintsirova: Terrorist organizations in Idlib were expanded by the support of the West, Gulf regimes and Turkey

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