A friend of mine from Tartous phoned me and complained to me about poles of lighted metal electricity that were placed close to the garage complex, or the so-called “wide street.” They were replaced and replaced with wooden poles to carry electrical cables. But in new places, The concrete bases remained with four nails, 12 cm long, each of which was molded in the place. It is disturbing to the passerby, and it may be harmful, according to the insistence of my friend, who suggested covering the nails with a cement layer added to the rules referred to retirement.
It seems that the simplicity of my complaint Mahatvi reminded me of many places more dangerous than (parasitic) parasitic … Some examples I have seen, (for example, but a few) a random area known as (River Aisha) .. In which I looked at the construction of four layers, praising without And such an earthquake, even if it is two degrees on the Richter scale, will make this building, and everything that surrounds it, collapse over the heads of its inhabitants … Damascus and its suburbs are not outside the series of earthquakes. Over four thousand years .. Damascus has been hit by devastating earthquakes, at least every two hundred years .. I do not want to spread fear When one .. Earth tremors do not fall within the mathematical calculations .. It is possible, but .. But, can not be drawn to the possibility of the weakest destiny .. but to the possibility of repeated history ..
And I can list a long record of areas of irregularities that contain more than two million citizens living in it .. In the record does not require an earthquake to land, to collapse .. There are elements that make it collapsible due to an unusual rainfall .. For example ..
In all cases … the nails need (Tjlisa) … In the Hadith: «The most reasonable .. and trust» …

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Screws! …

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