The meeting, which was held today at the University of Damascus, was attended by a number of representatives of Belarusian universities to promote and develop scientific cooperation between the two sides in accordance with the common competencies and needs.

The two sides agreed to sign several scientific agreements, including the exchange of students, professors, scholarships and academic supervision on the master’s and doctorate research and facilitate the publication and writing of a mutual and the development of an operational program for the time to activate them directly and benefit from them in addition to the possibility of establishing a Syrian research center on the campus of Damascus University to form an advanced scientific incubator In the technological fields.

Dr. Mohammad Maher Qabakibi, President of the University of Damascus, stressed the importance of cooperation in the field of capacity building and qualification of cadres in the field of graduate studies and scientific research, pointing out that Belarusian universities are scientifically and culturally advanced.
Sergei Kaspirovich, head of vocational education at the Belarusian Ministry of Education, stressed the readiness of the Belarusian side to receive Syrian students and provide all facilities for them to pursue their scientific achievements both at the undergraduate level or in postgraduate studies and in the various advanced scientific disciplines and in the Russian and English languages.

The Ambassador of Belarus in Damascus, Yuri Soukla, said that the visit of the delegation aims at informing the Syrian students about the educational services offered in the Republic of Belarus through a two-day exhibition at Damascus University where the members of the delegation representing the most important Belarusian universities will present the courses and programs taught in These universities and their registration mechanism and answer all the questions raised in this area.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 10 Belarusian universities, Dr. Abdel Moneer Al-Najem, Assistant Minister of Higher Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Essam Khoury, Vice President of Damascus University for Scientific Affairs and a number of deans of faculties at Damascus University.

In February, the Belarusian side offered ten Syrian students eight scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer mechanic, tourism, hospitality, forest forestry, gardening, horticulture, vocational training, social work, urban planning, computer engineering and graphics.


Translated from Tishreen News

Scientific discussions between the University of Damascus and the Belarusian universities

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