Many of the archaeological sites registered on the national heritage list during the years of the crisis were exposed to illegal excavations in the floors of the buildings and the side of the columns and walls, while some of the stones were withdrawn in search of treasures and pits to be looted by the weak souls and sold and smuggled out of the border, Are at risk of collapse.
In this regard, the head of the Department of the effects of Daraa, Dr. Mohamed Khair Nasrallah, said that to avoid the collapse of the archaeological buildings, the Department, according to priorities and necessity, prepared restoration projects for some of these buildings and allocated funds for them to be completed as soon as possible. Of the important architectural monuments and dates according to the historians of one of the Nabataean or Roman periods and consists of two floors (basement and ground) and facade of basalt stone, and this temple, which recently used a mosque is still maintaining its original state despite the encroachments within the old town of Mtaiya A group of archaeological and traditional buildings and some stone churches and likened to one of the orientalists in Umm Qais famous in Jordan for the abundance of monuments and monuments in it, as well as there is a project for the restoration of the Omari Mosque in Izraa jointly financed by the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums and Directorate of Awqaf Daraa because his property belongs to the Ministry of Awqaf In 2005 and 2006, the Department carried out an excavation project within the mosque. In 2007, a restoration project was completed. Currently, a reinforcement project will be completed and shown to become a tourist attraction because it is located in the ancient city of Izra. It is located between the two oldest churches (Marjor) The mosque was built after the visit of Caliph al-Rashdi Omar ibn al-Khattab to the city, one of the series of age mosques in the south of Syria, especially in Daraa al-Balad and Bosra. In addition, the supervision of the restoration of some mosques is being carried out in cooperation with the Directorate of Awqaf Daraa, which is owned by the Umayyad Mosque in Sheikh Masqeen and the Mosque of Uthman ibn Affan in Izra, the Old Mosque in Tzil and the Old Mosque in Sheikh Sa Dr..
Nasrallah pointed out that the Department is currently preparing the estimate and the technical conditions and specifications for the restoration of the Palace of Zine El Abidine in the city of Enkhl, which dates back to the Roman period, and is one of the important buildings and is still maintaining its original condition. It was restored after its acquisition in 1992, But the crisis has prevented it and has been subjected to unfair excavations and sabotage, and it is now necessary to restore it to maintain and re-throw it, pointing out that the building was named Zine El Abidine Palace proportion of the family that lived in until 1992, Ni-Hejaz railway in the province by the party belonging to it.

Translated from Tishreen News

Restoration projects for Awad in Daraa

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