The large number of fires that broke out during the current wheat and barley harvest season in all governorates and the large size of burned areas make us reconsider the assessment of the safety measures used to prevent them and the measures taken to deal with the fires. (About 80 thousand tons), if the need to reconsider and think about how to avoid these fires again and how to reduce the size of the spread and control, even if the act by taking additional safety measures It is green, where the weeds and their plows may have grown before the harvest season so that the fields are isolated from each other. If necessary, cut off the large fields or divide them into more than one field so that the fire does not move from a field And the nearby crops are eaten and thus reduce the size of the losses, and in the rugged and mountainous areas may require the construction of agricultural roads to ensure the arrival of mechanisms and firefighters to the affected areas and also requires the increase of fire stations in all provinces and provide human cadres and appropriate mechanisms, (Not exceeding 5%) who are exposed to the dangers of every fire they face, in addition to the incentives and rewards paid to them during the period of raising readiness during the harvest, which lasts about a month and a half to two months, and it is useful here to circulate the new experience The firefighters in Lattakia are using fire extinguishers (carried by the firefighters on their backs as they carry spray pumps) to all the mountainous and forest areas in all governorates because of the flexibility, effectiveness and speed in the movement of the fire in those areas that are difficult for firefighters to reach, In the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture is called upon to resolve solutions that contribute to the elimination of fires and reduce the volume of losses after they occur, especially in the event of high temperatures and the exposure of strategic crops to fires. They are invited to organize awareness seminars for farmers brothers to communicate their new ideas on how to deal with fires Implement the required safety measures on the ground to avoid any exhibitor.

Translated from Tishreen News

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