The phenomenon, like other societal phenomena, exists in most societies and does not belong to a specific society. It takes a negative turn in times of crisis and war. Those who work in this manner have methods to provoke and scare passers-by, shopkeepers and other people, From begging and ridiculing her children and became a work and a resource to make money and so much to the remarkable, the emergence of networks running the profession begging in the absence of the concerned authorities ..!
The phenomenon has taken on dangerous forms and dimensions, and may be an inevitable result of the aggravation of levels of poverty from the remnants of the war, but there are those who were on the lookout, taking advantage of the needs of some displaced children on the one hand or the operation of some of them with the clear goal of raising money .. Undoubtedly, This is where the most pressing question arises: Does the phenomenon lie only in deterring it, or in searching for its causes and causes?
There is no doubt that their causes exist, and no one can deny them, the narrow situation may play a negative role, and the decline in employment opportunities and production, not to turn into abuse and hunting and exploitation is ugly, here the novel differs and requires a decisive intervention and deterrent to those who occupy children for the purpose of raising money, Recent moves by the government and the People’s Assembly to enact deterrent sanctions may bring those who run these networks to three years’ imprisonment and financial penalties. Such sanctions may contribute to easing begging and increasing bounty, and deter those who seek to exploit it.
An epidemic can only be mitigated by exploiting all governmental, community and individual efforts, in accordance with its interventions and responsibilities, and by spreading moral and societal awareness, while opening the door to employment channels, especially in the private sector, to absorb unemployed workers.

Translated from Tishreen News

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