Finland’s Felipe Potas has won first place in the Australian Grand Prix, the first stage of the Formula One World Championship held at Albert Park in Melbourne.

The Finn beat the defending champion and five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who was the first on the starting line, while Red Bull’s Dutchman Max Verstauben finished third behind the German Ferrari driver Sebastien, who finished fourth.

Bautas managed to get past his teammate at the first corner of the race to get his grip on the race and break the finish line 20.9 seconds from Hamilton. Vettel did not have a better chance than the British. Verstauben overcame him during the race to join the Mercedes duo on the podium. German world champion four times, across the finish line a difference of 57.1 seconds from the winner, Vettel introduced his new teammate young driver Charles Löclair V., followed by Kevin McNason (Haas) Denmark in sixth place.

Last year, Potas tested one of his worst seasons in Formula One after he was subdued by Hamilton and failed to win any race and suffered mechanical problems. The Finn, who is in his third season with the Silver Bulls, is aware of the importance of performing well in order not to lose his seat to the young Frenchman Esteban Okon, 22, who is the reserve driver.

The Mercedes team adopted the strategy of supplying the BOTAS with soft tires, and was able to get past Hamilton, who was 1,153 seconds behind the opening lap, followed by Vettel, Versthaben and Leclercer.

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Potas is a champion of the Australia Grand Prix

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