The People’s Assembly, at its 21st session of the Ninth Ordinary Session of the second legislative session held today, chaired by Hamouda Sabbagh, Chairman of the Council, discussed the amendment of the law on the incorporation of the General Company for Studies and Technical Consultations with the General Company for Water Studies in one company.

The members of the Council approved the draft and amended articles, including the naming of the new company as “General Company for Engineering Studies” to replace these companies with their rights and obligations.

A number of members of the People’s Assembly questioned the types of studies and designs binding on the new company and the powers of the company and its branches and their economic feasibility.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Eng. Suhail Abdul Latif, explained that the two companies share the use of some mechanisms in the implementation of project studies, one of which has headquarters in all governorates while the other lacks the presence of branches. Therefore, the integration helps their presence in all governorates to meet In addition to the convergence in the nature of work in terms of technical and engineering studies and studies of organizational and regional charts.

Translated from Tishreen News

People’s Assembly approves the creation of the “General Company for Engineering Studies”

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