The People’s Assembly at its 23rd session of the Ninth Ordinary Session of the second legislative session held today chaired by Hamouda Sabbagh, President of the Council, approved the draft law, which includes the establishment of the General Establishment for the trade, storage and manufacture of Syrian grain grain.

According to article 3 of the draft law, the newly established corporation replaces the General Corporation for Grain Trade and Processing, the General Company for Grain Silos and the General Company for Mills in all their rights and obligations, in the contracts under implementation and the concluded contracts which were not implemented at the date of entry into force of this law.

A number of members of the Board pointed out the importance of the center’s management in Al-Hasakah as the main grain store and the evaluation of the experience of establishing this company later, noting that the creation of Syrian Grain through the merger of the three companies contributes to the reform of the administrative structures of this sector, Cereal self-sufficiency within the framework of the administrative reform project for public sector enterprises.

A number of members stressed that the draft bill was complementary and required at the current stage because it provided effort and cost and achieved savings for the Treasury.

Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Dr. Atef Al Nadaf explained that the restructuring of the merged companies is an urgent necessity due to overlapping work between them and most importantly reducing the physical waste that was caused by transportation costs and cars between mills and silos.

According to Article 13, the numerical owners of the General Establishment for the Trade and Processing of Cereals and the Numerical Owners of the General Company for Silos and Numerical Owners of the General Company for Mills are the numerical owners of the Corporation.

A number of council members called for exerting more efforts to control the rise in prices and address the problem of the shortage of fuel oil for transportation means, to regulate the work of customs patrols and to take care of the status of existing goods with customs data since before the war years, and to rehabilitate furnaces in liberated areas and to promote positive Syrian intervention in the markets. .

In response to members’ inquiries, the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection pointed out that the Syrian Trade will see a different performance in the coming period to achieve its goal of positive intervention by providing goods and goods with good quality and lower price than the market.

Al-Nadaf said that the ministry is working to improve the quality of the baguette and to guarantee the technical shortage in the bakeries, pointing out that there are many restrictions on manipulators of oil derivatives.

Translated from Tishreen News

People’s Assembly approves the creation of “Syrian grain”

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