Maduro: America prepared a plan for my assassination

October – Monitor:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused the United States and opposition leader Juan Guido of setting up a plan to kill him. He said: American imperialism wants to kill me. We have just revealed a plan, which the puppet of the devil (Guayadu) personally put forward to kill me, we have evidence, but they could not and could not, indicating that the leader of a Colombian gang linked to the opposition had been arrested.

Jovanovic: NATO’s goal for Yugoslavia is to expand toward Russia

October – Monitor:
Former Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zyvadn Jovanovic has confirmed that NATO’s aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia was the main aim of NATO’s expansion into Russia.
“They wanted to show their strength and implement the strategy of military expansion in the southeast. They also needed a precedent to be able to globalize interference in other countries outside the UN system without consulting the Security Council and trying to establish a base in the Balkans.

Beijing: opening up the trademark of contemporary China

During the opening ceremony of the China 2019 Development Forum in Beijing, Han pointed out that China has sought development and its door is open and succeeded in transforming the economy, said Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng. Closed and semi-closed to an open economy in a comprehensive manner, pointing out that China will give priority to the establishment of the belt and the road and emphasis on domestic and foreign investment.

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