Serbia: We will not join NATO even if we remain alone

October – Monitor:

Serbia will not join NATO under any circumstances, Serbian Defense Minister Alexander Volyn said on Tuesday.
“We chose NATO to stay neutral and we will not join NATO even if we remain the last country in Europe outside NATO,” he said. “We chose this approach because they bombed us. We never do with other people what they did to us, in implementation of an order from the outside.

Kazakhstan’s new president changes the name of Astana to Sultan

October – Monitor:
Kazakhstan’s new president, Kasim Gumart Tokayev, signed a law to change the name of the country’s capital from Astana to Nur Sultan.
According to the news agency «Novosti» According to the press center of the new Kazakh president yesterday, Tokayev signed a law on amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Settlers attack Palestinian houses in Hebron

October – Monitor:
Israeli settlers, heavily armed and protected from the Israeli occupation forces, renewed their attacks on Palestinian houses and properties east of the West Bank city of Hebron. Israeli settlers also stormed Tel Armeida neighborhood in the center of Hebron and severely beat a Palestinian woman and her son while they were returning home.

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