Washington exploits any opportunity to acquire Soviet electronic warfare systems!

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The United States seeks at any opportunity to acquire Soviet or Russian-made radars, which the Americans have used for many years to develop and improve stealth aircraft.
According to the Chinese newspaper Sina, these radars have already played a role in the construction of aircraft such as “Lockheed Half Blue” and “F-117”, and the stealth cruise missile «Signor Prom» and other products that use stealth techniques, noting that the US tests and exercises Using foreign electronic warfare equipment constantly in the famous area «51» in Nevada.

The DPRK is designing a counterpart to US missiles

Tishreen – monitor:
The DPRK conducted extensive tests of new generation missiles of three types. The results came as a surprise and unpleasant to South Korea, the United States and Japan.
Compared to older systems, the weapon has much higher characteristics, including with regard to stealth technology, and military expert Yuri Liamin said the first tests were carried out in May this year.

Former AKP deputy Erdogan’s party is over

Tishreen – monitor:
Former AKP deputy Mehmet Metiner commented on the new party to be established from the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey, explaining that the AKP has expired.
“We do not need the updated AK Party, but we need the new AK Party urgently,” Metiner, who is considered a close relative of Erdogan, was quoted as saying.

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