The Director of Veterinary Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Dr. Ziad Namour revealed that six lines for the production of veterinary products will enter production in the coming period, indicating that they include the lines of “injection, fluids, powder, ointments, sterilizers, tablets and boluses” in the industrial city of Adra in Damascus countryside.

He pointed out that a specialized committee revealed on the lines in preparation for licensing it in accordance with the executive instructions of the law governing the production and circulation of chemical products, pointing out that the committee is composed of specialized technicians from the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in the Ministry and representatives of each of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Damascus and the Union of Veterinarians In the province, pointing out that the disclosure aims to ensure the availability of good manufacturing standards “GMP” in the laboratory, a global standards for veterinary pharmaceutical laboratories significantly affect the quality of preparations and safety of manufacturing stages.

Tigers stressed that the local production of veterinary products covers more than 70 percent of the livestock needs in Syria and there is also export to regional markets for more than 15 countries.


Translated from Tishreen News

New veterinary production lines coming soon

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