Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the recent ban on the entry of the President of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Russia, Muslim Khoshev US territory will not remain without a warning, warning that it is a hostile step towards Moscow requires a response.

“This decision reflects the approach of the American side, which focuses on fueling tension in Russian-American relations,” the ministry said in a statement. A country that does not enjoy Washington’s approval.

The ministry said in its statement that the American side will not be able through this sterile way to exert more pressure on Moscow, pointing out that the time has come to abandon the American politicians for their illusion that the prevention of entry into their country can frighten anyone in our country and this perception ridiculous.

US authorities have banned the president of the Chechen government and his wife Sabiat Shabazova from entering US territory, citing human rights violations on his part.

Translated from Tishreen News

MOSCOW: It is time for American politicians to abandon their illusion

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