Switzerland is one of the few countries in the modern age to have three major human, linguistic and cultural components: French, German and Italian. One of the researchers of the modern national state considered that Swiss geography is responsible for this cultural diversity, as a central mountainous mass of three great valleys, each opening in a different direction, each of which is accompanied by a different culture. Switzerland, which remained away from the Second World War, which raged in all its neighboring regions without being informed, but that does not mean that Switzerland has been in a permanent escape from the targeting of invasion and control, and what is important to us from its history, it was the invasion of Germany s De German Emperor Maximilian I, who wanted to include Switzerland to an entity of the Reich, but failed to progress within Swiss territory, despite the great military superiority, and was commenting launched to justify the military defeat is like the dictum he declared the impossibility of achieving any victory on the Swiss non-Swiss. It was the Swiss solidarity against him that gave him the taste of defeat and failure. The invading emperor was likely to have assumed that the German component in Switzerland would come to his aid and welcome him, but this was not what he had supposed.
It is clear to both the follower of history and the follower of contemporary events that this historical lesson has been assimilated and absorbed by the major colonial invaders, not by the small countries that have been the target of conquest throughout the ages. The great Powers – as we see today in various parts of the world – to the formation of agents from among the people of the state, or the area targeted invasion, the invasion comes as a meeting (fraternal humanitarian) to support those agents who claim to be (make up a majority). There is no need to recall what happened during the current war on Syria. We all know that the Arabs are the most resorting to history to glorify and honor his characters, but they seem to be the least effective and take advantage of the lessons of history.

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Loss of victory

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