It is known in literary criticism that the term literary criticism does not fully apply to a fixed reality, although it is often useful activity aimed at judging a particular subject according to a value scale may vary in nature, whether in terms of aesthetic or ideological values, it indicates in its meaning welcoming every speech produced on the discourse Literary and in this sense only can talk about the activities aimed at establishing a science of literature and although it can not separate poetry from this area, but literature is a subject linguistically essentially and should be studied as well as any study in terms of stylism, which is distinct from poetry in being closer to criticism In its rolling meaning and if it is Some find it difficult to comprehensively look at these activities from a truly encyclopedic point of view, not only because of quantitative considerations in terms of not counting all the research belonging to them, but also because of qualitative considerations in particular.

Indeed, every step of its stylistic plan has been accompanied by doubts related to its own limits and even its existence. Moreover, this tendency to redistribute what has been considered stylistic research into new fields in this field of knowledge at a time when poetry was creating its theoretical discourse and methodological requirements does not mean that it What the so-called thinker and scholar Henri Mitterrand has called the strange chaos of several styles, including any formative stylistic, stylistic intentions, stylistic archeology, stylistic language, etc., has moved to a kind of general consensus on the subject of new research and its procedures. The same research, looking at literature in terms of its linguistic specificity, has been put into question not only in its foundation but also in its methodology to the point of daring some to repeat what scholar and thinker Charles Bruno was saying about stylism regarding what had happened before to the Tower of Babel, which prevented the mixing of languages ​​from being completed.

According to the researchers, it seems that Bruno’s prediction in this regard and compared to what happens to stylistic similarity in fate has been achieved to some extent, no one today claims to belong to this method, which is no longer controversial in that the redistribution has finally introduced some types of research, which was previously believed independence In the course of other linguistic sciences such as Dalaliyya, psycholinguistics and phonetics, while others were keen to appear in its true appearance, ie, impressionist literary criticism, explanation of texts, aesthetic reflection, school indexing, etc.

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Is stylistic able to take place among the literary sciences ..?!

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