The Iraqi resistance movement confirmed the continuation of the movement in defending Iraq and its national sovereignty despite the sanctions imposed by the US administration on the movement last week.

“We will not retreat from the defense of Iraqi sovereignty and we will not compromise our rights,” spokesman Hashem al-Moussawi told a news conference at the headquarters of the Iranian Fars News Agency in Tehran. “The Iraqi people have foiled US plans thanks to their wisdom and awareness.

Al-Moussawi pointed to the failure of attempts and attempts by the United States to drain the countries of the region and the axis of resistance through the use of terrorist organizations such as Dahesh and others affiliated with the organization “Al-Qaeda”, pointing out that the region faces many challenges and conspiracies, including the deal century and normalization of relations with the Zionist entity.

Moussaoui said in a statement last Wednesday that the United States has no legitimacy to accuse the movement of terrorism and its inclusion on the list of terrorist organizations, pointing out that the unjust US decision towards the movement does not exceed the limits of psychological warfare and does not change the reality of anything.

Translated from Tishreen News

Iraqi terrorists: continue to defend Iraq

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