The problem of traffic congestion on the public street and some of the main streets in the city of Jaramana seems like an insurmountable problem. The residents and residents of the city have endured it throughout the years of crisis, hoping that it will be solved by opening roads leading to the outside of the city, As well as the removal of roadblocks leading to the airport road, the removal of stalls and stalls that violate the public road, and the prevention of shops from encroaching on the road. All of these procedures have not found a solution to the problem, and the traffic jam on the public street and some of the main streets in the city is still suffocating, and pass the highway by car or bus from the beginning to the end or vice versa needs more than half an hour at least, The city of Suwayda before arriving at his home in Jaramana, especially at peak hours, although it is not more than 3 km long, and this traffic is naturally reflected negatively on the transport crisis. Citizens, Sarafis, public transport buses and public and private taxis are all stuck on the roads and the supposed trip Take a microbial Back and forth half or three-quarters time take him more than an hour and a half hours in practice.
It has become necessary to study the issue of traffic jam in Jaramna of the Committee of the Damascus Rural Walk and the concerned authorities in the province and propose appropriate solutions to them, and there was a proposal in the past to make the walk on the public street in one direction and we do not know what happened to him, and why not reconsider the experience A precedent through the distribution of lines Sarvis inside the city to the north and south to ease pressure on the public street? It may be useful to establish some bridges or tunnels in a deliberate manner in specific places on the public street to contribute to solving this problem, and some suggested that prevent all cars to stand on the street to double the flow of cars because the street in its current condition allows only one line of vehicles .

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