LONDON (Reuters) – Members of the British Conservative Party are openly demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Teresa Mae, saying that this is the only way to ensure the passage of the European Union (BRIC) exit plan.

The move to topple May is gaining momentum, with some Conservative lawmakers signaling it is time to resign after the latest vote in the House of Commons has revealed irreconcilable divisions on the part of the government.

The paper pointed out that the deputies discussed whether they would vote for the May plan on the BRICAST in the event that provided a clearer timetable for the date of resignation.

The Observer newspaper reported yesterday that the European Union is preparing for the (fall) of Mai after the collapse of confidence in full in the midst of a week of chaos over the BRICEST.

The British House of Commons on Sunday backed the government’s demand that the EU freeze the BRICT process until at least June, while the European Commission said Britain should justify any request to delay the EU exit before the end of the month.

Translated from Tishreen News

Independent: public claims to resign May

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