Phoenix defines the philosophy of education as the search for general concepts that unify the coherence between the different aspects of the educational process in a comprehensive integrated plan that includes an explanation of the meanings of the educational expressions and an explanation of the basic rules on which the ideas or theories of education are known. O’Connor defines it as a critical analytical study of the set of values ​​and ideals that Including educational goals.

Of course, these definitions show the interest of intellectuals in highlighting the philosophical basis of education, and this can not be doubted in acceptance because education issues in general are philosophical issues where it is impossible to criticize an educational philosophy or propose a new educational philosophy without taking into account those problems of general philosophical nature The nature of life desirable or good for society, which we ask education to work to achieve and the nature of the person we raise the same and the nature of the community in which the process of education and the nature of knowledge or facts to be provided and the nature of experiences and the type of values ​​and so on ..

Therefore, Neller concludes that the philosophy of education is the application of the general theoretical philosophy to the field of education. As a result, this educational philosophy performs the functions of general philosophy. It is a critical analytical reflection. It is also a guiding guide. It is critical and analytical in that it analyzes concepts, It analyzes educational goals and critiques them according to the rules of logic, according to the ability to apply and verifies, analyzes the educational policies and practices, and guides them when proposing new goals and goals, and refers to the use of mechanisms and ideas that will It is a reflection when it seeks to form a vision or a view of the nature of both man, society, the universe, life, knowledge and values. Of course, the knowledge about these fields comes only through meditation and intellectual diligence, which is also innovative creativity. This intelligent, conscious reflection leads to new ideas for building a better society and a better life for man.

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How can we build a better society and a better life for man?

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