The head of the Czech parliamentary group for friendship with Syria, Dr Rustanislav Grosbic, said that the so-called “international coalition” led by the United States under the pretext of fighting the terrorist organization “Da’ash” in Syria and Iraq provided various support to the terrorist organizations from the beginning.

“The continued illegal presence of this alliance in the Syrian territories is aimed at obstructing the liberation of the remaining terrorist hotspots in Syria and prolonging the crisis there,” Grosbic told SANA correspondent in Prague today.

Grosbic condemned the recent massacre carried out by the alliance’s airliner in the Al-Bagouz region of rural Deir-Zour, pointing out that it represents a new symbol of imperialist aggression and another crime should not be forgotten.

Translated from Tishreen News

Grosbic: “International Alliance” supports terrorism in Syria

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