The success of the business in full, both private and official, which is reflected positively and quickly on the livelihood of citizens and the development of the movement of production and investment lies in various issues, based on trust and respect, seriousness and credibility in dealing and cases of networking between the official bodies and institutions with each other and with the owners of capital, Suspicion and lack of respect for the law, and all responsible and away from indifference to achieve a real shift in the workflow and production …
From here comes the directions and actions of the government and specifically the Prime Minister and the extent of his serious interest in standing on small things and solving any problems guiding the mechanisms of work and the implementation of projects faltering in some ministries, and the starting point of this personal attention of the sincere stand with the self and the reality of living, and the realization that the risk of neglect is not less The danger of the destruction of institutions and the survival of failure and bleeding continue, and that corruption and incompetence harvest many scourges and reduce the hope for a better future, which everyone is working to achieve ..
The fact is that there is a slack in the work of some ministries and some officials, and the failure to punish the neglected in this sector or that, It is no secret that there is weakness in the performance of some .. All this left a situation of negative, the trends and follow-ups daily aims to promote business and avoid the problems of development, which may adversely affect the public atmosphere …
All sectors are concerned with improving communication with citizens, investors and many other stakeholders, activities and initiatives, and administrations are able to listen, solve problems and respond to complaints and requests at the same time. The Ministers, the relevant frameworks and even the staff, at all levels of their duties and responsibilities, A degree of preparedness and sincere work and initiative to resolve and positive intervention to facilitate the mechanisms of action and respond to the requirements and demands, and no longer indulgence and delusion and hurting responsibility responsibilities comfortable, time is exposed, and the results of actions and interventions to One obvious, work is work ..!

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