The coach of the Syrian men’s soccer team Fajr Ibrahim announced the final list of players participating in the international Indian tournament, which will begin in Hyderabad on the seventh of next month.

The final list included 23 players Ibrahim Alama, Khalid Haji Osman, Khaled Ibrahim, Hassan Abu Zeinab, Amr Jnayat, Tamer Haj Mohamed, Fares Arnaout, Mohamed Anz, Youssef Al Hamwi, Nosouh Nakdali, Kamel Hamisha, Khaled Kordagli, Ward Salameh, Mohamed Kamel Kawaia, Hassan Khadour, Ali Hassan, Fares El Khatib, Mohamed Elmormore, Mohamed El Ahmed & Allah al-Shami, Abdul Razzaq Muhammad, Maher Daaboul and Shadi Hamwi.

Ibrahim resumed the training camp after two days of giving the players a training session last night at Al-Fayhaa Stadium in Damascus, focusing on the tactical aspects, namely defense, defense, attack and correct attacks.

Our team will play their first match in the India-Korea DPR on the eighth of next month to meet Tajikistan on the tenth of it, and conclude the game with the Indian team hosting the session on the sixteenth of the same month.

Translated from Tishreen News

Final list of players participating in the India International Tournament

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