The competent authorities continued to secure the areas cleared by the Syrian Arab army of terrorism and found a warehouse in the farms of Talbisseh about 13 km north of the city of Homs containing high explosives and hundreds of shells and weapons and ammunition miscellaneous remnants of terrorist organizations.

According to the correspondent of “SANA” in Homs, the engineering elements in the competent authorities in cooperation with the parents found a warehouse in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTalbisseh farms containing a quantity of weapons and ammunition, including 300 mortar shells and mortars and mortar and about 25 kg of the substance “C4” high explosive remnants of the regulations Terrorism.

During the follow-up of the sweeps and securing the eastern Homs countryside from the remnants of the organization “Da’ash” terrorist in preparation for the return of the displaced people from their homes by terrorism, the competent authorities on the 12th of the current dozens of mines and explosive devices in the city of Sokhna and around 80 km east of Palmyra.

Translated from Tishreen News

Explosive materials and weapons from the remnants of terrorists in the farms of Talbessa

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