The joy of success in the educational stations where man passes through his life is not equivalent to any other joy, especially if it culminates in the superiority that is the key to a bright future in which all his aspirations will be achieved and one of the building blocks of the desired development in our country.
During the meetings of «Tishreen» with a group of high school graduates in its scientific branch, stories of excellence seemed to be overflowing with its beauty.
Manar Yasser Abizaid said: I studied in the high school students in Daraa, and I finished the secondary stage with the grace of God with a total of 2383/2400 degrees after folding the religion and one of the two foreign languages. I have to conclude the 12-year journey at school with the joy of priceless success.
She added: “This support has been greatly supported by my family, which is the most beautiful gift of my Lord, my friends who share with me the joys and sorrows and every step in the journey of life. This success, and dedicate it to everyone who wished me.
As for the superior Fadi Mufeed Al-Ashour, who has a total of 2366/2400 degrees, he said: My ranking was second to the high school students in Daraa and the thirteenth at the governorate level. A whole year without any fatigue or boredom. with it.
For his part, Majd Adnan Abu Point, who holds a total of 2340/2400 degrees, said: I got the first place at the level of the martyr Falouji high school in the city of Daraa, and this was a very hard work and organization of time throughout the school year in cooperation with my father and mother who were keen to provide all the requirements My studies and a comfortable atmosphere.

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Excel our way to a bright future

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