It was a real battle environment, in which more than one kind of weapon was raised. Not only that, but the sound of bullets led to the end of fatal injuries in some cases … It turned out later that the reason for this battle or that is to disagree with who will drive his car in this place!
Between waiting queues for gas, bread, paying bills or receiving pay from the cashiers, as well as queues waiting for Sarvis to reach her destination, in all these places you can follow the stories of violence, bloody daily fights, many of which end with heavy casualties.
The most common language in Syrian life during this period may be the language of violence and violence, perhaps as a side effect of this war as well.
The effects of war .. «and ethics» .. and epidemic, and … All the woes are usually treated through the psychiatry by specialists in this area, it is said: The scientific standards require the specialization of a psychiatrist every ten thousand citizens in normal circumstances to be The number of psychiatrists in our country is only 70, in a country where more than half a million people have been diagnosed with confirmed psychological injuries, both of whom were direct victims. Or otherwise for a savage war that is less like Syria in the world.
In fact, the cases and victims of the crimes in Syria may need an army of psychiatrists, an army which in some cases requires him to develop his studies to find an explanation and perhaps a cure for cases of caliber: a father who exploited the mother’s absence from the house … and then to kill his daughter strangled !!
In the same atrocity, those stories that are still being told about the crimes of a murderer in which girls, often children, were raped by their fathers, or some of their daughters or wives gave gifts to terrorists under the “marriage marriage” clause !!

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Emergency restoration

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