Wars are no longer confined to the use of lethal weapons carried by aircraft, armor or soldiers, but rather to electronic wars that may be more lethal than their conventional counterparts. Electronic warfare is an Internet-based conflict that involves politically and economically motivated attacks aimed at sniping information and disrupting its systems.
E-war is based on three main elements: e-support, e-attack and cyber protection. In a clear shift in the style and method of attacks, e-war has taken a prominent place among other military activities, and all parties from the East or the West take much interest in developing their means and methods. Use.
The US military is now keen on turning to cyber warfare. In this regard, American officer Patrick Duggan, a former battalion commander in the Third Group of Special Forces and currently the director of cyber security at the National Security Council, proposed the creation of cyber warfare teams consisting of 12 to 15 people. These teams are initially tasked with using social networking sites, online dialogue forums and other electronic media to target individuals, entities and even states, disseminating information, recruiting proxy fighters and intelligence agents as pre- Actual intervention, and then followed by the deployment of special operations forces on the ground to coordinate with groups supporting them, which previously recruited through cyberspace to carry out its mission.
In other words, these teams begin their mission from the digital world and then implement them on the ground from the beginning to the end in what is known as non-conventional warfare, which requires increasing investments in a wide range of modern technology, including artificial intelligence, modern robots and ammunition development.
The United States has acknowledged Russia’s superiority in cyber warfare, as a US military analyst revealed that Russia is ahead of the United States in the field of electronic warfare. The analyst Samuel Bendito said that Russia has tested and tested a full number of e-war systems in the past five years.
The Belina system, which is to be equipped with artificial intelligence, is one of the most powerful electronic warfare tools in Russia’s possession. It was thought that the United States was advancing Russia in e-war technology.
As for the rule of e-war, every action has a reaction and the reaction may be stronger and stronger. The superpowers will not stand idly by with their powers and capabilities against any counter-attacks and there will be new virtual global fields and wars.

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«Electronic War» .. the field of new conflict

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