The excellence requires a lot of will and determination, and the full and orderly investment of time by the student, and exert a lot of effort and fatigue, which was exemplified by the excellence in the exams of basic education certificate for the academic year 2019 in Tartous Governorate, where eight students ranked first in Syria, the family was As a partner is no less important than the role placed on the school and its contribution to the manufacture of this excellence .. This is confirmed by some of the students met with «Tishreen» to talk about the reasons that contributed to their superiority and obtained the full mark.
The student Haidara Ali Khaddour, who has a total of 3100 marks from the martyr school «Bassam Mohammed» in the city of Safita, told «Tishreen» the story of an organized school year and follow-up daily did not leave any room for any accumulation in the school burden or a gap in a subject, was the attention in the classroom and ask teachers It is difficult to understand and then serious follow-up at home daily process helped him to be able to take the curriculum and surrounded him, and Hydra said that he did not follow any course and did not take private lessons, where his study was self-reliant, as his school and his parents were the main source of each explanation and clarification and guidance, stressing that with determination Insistence and diligence each student can achieve his dream b For supremacy.
Lana Mohammed Asfour, a 3,100-year-old student from Karam Bayram, picked up the fruit of her effort and fatigue after long hours of study and intensified, especially in the month of review, and said: Since I was in the first grade was excellence my first and most important goal, and I study hard and strive to achieve my dream in meeting the lady My dream was achieved after the pain of study and continuous effort, and it was a beautiful meeting that boosted my self-confidence and gave me an impulse to do my best in the future in order to maintain this excellence, pointing out that the organization of time is a prerequisite for every successful person. Aspect of her life his full right, acknowledging the role of a Her secret in providing the appropriate atmosphere to study quietly and calmly.
The outstanding student, Nagham Zafer Hazim, from the 3100 marks school, confirmed that she started preparing for the certificate of education from the beginning of the summer.
For her part, Mariam Samer Issa, a student with a full mark, said that excellence is the pinnacle of giving, a medal of honor and pride for her, her family and her homeland.
For her part, the student Lujain Ahmed Abdul Hadi, who received the full mark from the school martyr Salah Zinc that personal diligence is the main factor of excellence, pointing out that the long study was not a new thing, it used to do so in previous years, especially in terms of time management, and showed that She was keen to take full advantage of the lessons and to clarify any ambiguity or doubt surrounding any article inquiring and asking professors, pointing out that her ambition is boundless and that her superiority at this stage does not mean stopping at a certain point, but follow-up in educational achievement to raise the name of the country high.

Translated from Tishreen News

Eight students from Tartous have earned a full grade in the Basic Education Certificate

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